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Society For the Advancement of Metallurgical Engineers:

Students of the Metallurgical Engineering department are active members of the Society For the Advancement of Metallurgical Engineering (SFAME), which imparts creativity and technical skills in them and also organises inter and intra college symposiums cum seminars.

  • Every year the society organizes many Technical workshops for the Betterment of the Student
  • In the month of September, inaugural functions of SFAME and IIM Students' Chapter, Salem are held.
  • In the month of February, inter college Symposium METMAT is held to bring in the talents of the participants from various colleges creating a juncture of metallurgists.

Indian Institute of Metals, Salem Chapter:

This is a prestigeous organization of the metallurgists, for the metallurgists and by the metallurgists. Various events are conducted all over the nation and in every chapters of this organization. This chapter takes and makes the innovations and new idealogies and concepts emerging in the field of metallurgy spread among the metallurgists all over the nation. This organization proudly celebrates the National Metallurgists Day on November 14th of every year where great metallurgists meet and reward the best performers of the year.




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