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Metallurgical Engineering - Vision & Mission

Students of the Metallurgical Enineering are active members of the Society For the Advancement of Metallurgical Engineering (SFAME), which imparts creativity and technical skills and also organizes inter and intra college symposiums cum seminar. The Department of Metallurgy creates the moulders of the world and it is dedicated to produce a number of technocrats every year.The faculty is well experienced and motivating and imparts knowledge with a practical sense.


    To become a globally competent department in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering.


  • To achieve the vision our diligent faculty will use effective, continually updated methodologies.
  • To mould metallurgical and materials engineering graduates with professional excellence and social responsibility.
  • To carry out quality research of national global relevance.
  • To provide highest quality technical support and knowledge to industries.
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