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Literary Association



                  ENGLISH LITERARY ASSOCIATION(ELA) – an epitome of dialectal essence, serves as a platform to pursue your love towards literature beyond the classrooms. The main theme of ELA is to enhance the English knowledge among the students helping them to tackle placements and also relive them of stage fear. On its beautiful part it conducts several events such as JAM, Extempore, Adzap, Pressmeet, Shipwreck etc which enrich the literary content of the students. ELA also encourages students to participate in various inter-college cultural fests, where they have proved their literary talents. Besides being a platform for the development of language, ELA is a cup of coffee in the evening which entertains the students every week by exploring their talents. The real heat of ELA will be exposed during GECOFEST through its both on-stage and of-stage events.


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