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Electronics and Communication Engineering

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering was established in the year 1984-85 as the fifth Department of GCE, Salem. The Department has well qualified and highly motivated faculty and well equipped laboratories to cater the needs of the students. The equipments available in the laboratory are upgraded as an ongoing process so as to keep pace with the latest developments in the field of Electronics & Communication Engineering.

The Department is imparting the required technical and practical knowledge to the students. An effort is made to groom these students not only to become successful Electronics & Communication Engineers but also as  top notch professionals. The amenities in the Department are also capable to meet the requirements of carrying out research work.

The students undertake quality project works and publish papers at various prestigious conferences/student paper presentation contests under the guidance of faculty members. Students of this department have excelled in their assignments in different organizations over the years. This fact is substantiated by the excellent placement records and the fact that large numbers of prestigious multinational companies are visiting the department for placements.

This Department holds a special place in the prestigious list of institutions offering this course as illustrated by the good track record in terms of placement and research recognitions. Alumni from this department occupy prestigious positions in many leading technology firms.


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