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Electronics and Communication Engineering - Amenities

Electronics Devices and Circuit Lab

Digital storage oscilloscope, Cursor readout CRO’s, IC tests, Component testers, LCR meters, FET, Diode testers, Signal generators, Digital multimeters, IC trainers.

Communication Lab

AM/FM signal generator, Random noise source, Digital phase and meter, Probability phase amplitude meter, Probability density meters, RF signal meter, Electronic telephone exchange trainers, Tele printers.

Microprocessor Lab

Incircuit emulators and logical analyzers, INTEL 8085, 8086, Microprocessor, Microprocessor like 8031, 8051 spectrum analysers, EPROM programmers interface cards for system design based on microprocessors.Klystron and gun oscillator, Microwave testing benches, ASK, PSK, FSK, Fiber optic communication demo kits, Microwave components to study the microwave communication.

DSP and Digital Communication Lab

Experimental kits like TMS 32050, TMB 32031, ADSP 2181, Software for application development, Digital communication trainers, Pulse AM, PIM, PCM, Delta modulators.

PC Lab

Windows NT based servers, Several notes comprising of Pentium III and II based systems , Flatbed scanners, Inkjet & laser jet printers , Modems, Multimedia kits, MS -VISUAL studio, MS- Office, Database managers, C, C++, java , MS-dos, FORTRAN.

Television and Antennae Lab

Practical insight of TV and radio engineering, Parabolic dish antenna, Multi-system monitors.

Seminar Hall

A unique seminar hall with a well air-conditioned systems and with good audio and video support is available for the student activities and to conduct seminars and workshops.

Internet Centre

With a High Speed Internet connection, the Internet Center has 15 computers dedicated for general purpose internet browsing.

Digital Signal Processing Lab

Advanced TMS320C6713 DSP Trainer Kits, DSP lab solution and  Personal Computers – 15 Nos.

VLSI Design and Network Lab

FPGA development Boards cyclone 2, Simulation tool for Submicron CMOS design-MS windows compatible software, NS 2 and Netsim network simulator software,  LAN T trainer Kit and Personal Computers 30 Nos.

Communication Systems Lab

RADAR training system with RADAR jammer(10GHz), Target velocity  simulator with absorber, EMI/EMC Analyzer, EMI/EMC  Trainer Kit, DS Spectrum Communication trainer, VectorCommunicationTrainer, Wireless Sensor Network Trainer Kit, Vector Network Analyzer, HFSS-RF circuit design software, Spectrum Analyzer, Digital Function Generator, Electromagnetic Simulation Software.

Microwave and Optical Communication Lab

4GHz C band micro strip power source and receiver, GUNN Oscillator MicrowaveBench, Klystron Oscillator Microwave Bench, Microwave Power Meter, Fiber Optic Trainer Kit.

Networking-Robotic-e Yantra Lab

Robotic  Trainer Kits – 20 Nos, ,e-Yantra Trainer Kits and  Personal Computers 15 Nos.

Electronics Circutis Lab

PCB prototyping system, Multi-Purpose Lab Solution, Virtual Instrumentation Engineering Work Bench ORCAD  Soft ware, Digital storage Oscillascopes and Arbitrary Function generators .

Embedded Systems Lab

Logic Analyzer, Embedded Development Boards and Digital storage Oscillascopes

Integrated Circuits Lab


Mixed Signal DSO,  Digital IC trainer Kits, Arbitrary Function generators and Signal Generators.

Microprocessor and Micro Controller Lab

Logic Analyzer, 8085 and 8086 Microprocessor kits, 8051 micro Controller Kits and all types of  Interfacing Boards.

Campuswide Networking and Wi-Fi Connectivity

Servers for CWN and QEEE classes, Web-server with Wi-Fi controller, Wi-Fi Equipment, Software for sever management and Wi-Fi Equipments.

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