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Electronics and Communication Engineering - Association

Society for Advancement of Eletronics and Communication Engineers (SAECE)

Acting as the above for the electronic whiz kids, SAECE is the catalyst for the effective development of minds with enormous potential.The society conducts intra college quizzes, presentations, seminars under the annual COMNET conventions to bring out the abilities withinGroup discussion and Mini-projects are frequently held to expand the students’ proficiency.

IEEE Student Membership

The students are proud members of the Institute for the Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

COMPCOM (The National Level Technical Symposium)

Every year, the department of Electronics and Communication Engineering invites scholars from all over the country to exhibit their skills in the well organized gathering. COMPCOM attracts enthusiastic minds to take part in the Presentations, Animations, Web publishing contests and much more. The symposium is an exposure of the organizational capabilities of the host.

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