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Students of Mechanical Engineering are honorary members of the INDIAN SOCIETY FOR TECHNICAL EDUCATION, a national professional organization which enables the students to participate in various co-curricular activities at the sectional and national level. Students as such get exposed to the latest trends and emerge with innovative dreams helping them to strive amongst the best.


The SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS enriches the students in various aspects of technology, exposing them to the upcoming global standards and making them on par with the recent developments of technovation. A number of co-curricular activities are being organized by the society, enabling students from around the country to take part thereby enhancing the students managerial skills and upgrading them in the world of technovation.


The SOCIETY OF AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERS, caters to the the automobile students, enabling them to concentrate more in the field of automotives. Students get the benefit of attending various co-curricular activities organized by SAEINDIA across the country.

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