Department of Electronic and Communication Engineering - Laboratories

 The core laboratories associated with the Department, and the major equipment in each is listed below.
Analog and Digital Electronics Laboratory        
  • PCB Prototyping System
  • Multi-Purpose Lab Solution
  • Virtual Instrumentation Engineering Work Bench ORCAD Software
  • 70 MHz Mixed Signal Oscilloscope
  • 30 MHz, 50 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscopes
  • 100 MHz, 200 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope with USB Connectivity
  • 4 GHz Logic Analyzer
  • 5 MHz Arbitrary Function Generator
  • 20 MHz Pulse/Function Generator
  • Cursor readout CRO’s
  • DMM With Bluetooth Connectivity
Communication and Electromagnetic Laboratory
  • SDR, 2 Channel 70 MHz – 6GHz, Hardware Kit
  • SDR LabVIEW Communication System Design Software
  • Random noise source
  • Digital phase and meter
  • Probability phase amplitude, density meters
  • RF signal meter
  • Electronic telephone exchange trainers
  • Vector Communication Training System
  • RADAR training system with RADAR jammer(10GHz)
  • Target velocity simulator with absorber
  • EMI/EMC Analyzer and trainer kit
  • DS Spectrum Communication trainer
  • Vector Communication Trainer
  • Vector Network Analyzer
  • HFSS-RF circuit design software
  • MIC Components Trainers with Software
  • Parabolic dish antenna
  • Multi-system monitors.
Embedded System Laboratory
  • In circuit emulators and logical analyzers
  • EPROM programmers
  • Embedded Development Boards and FPGA Design Boards
  • RL78 Microcontroller Based Embedded Application Development System
  • Robotic Trainer Kits¬
  • e-Yantra Trainer Kits
  • LabVIEW Hardware – MyDAQ and MyRIO
Digital Signal Processing
  • TMS 32050, TMB 32031, ADSP 2181
  • TMS 320VC5416 Based Starter Kit 
  • TMS 320 C6713 DSP Trainer
VLSI Design and Network Lab
  • Virtual Instrumentation Engineering Workbench Software
  • FPGA development Boards cyclone 2
  • Simulation tool for Submicron CMOS design-MS windows compatible software
  • NS 2 and Netsim network simulator software
  • LAN T trainer
Microwave and Optical Communication Lab
  • 4GHz C band micro strip power source and receiver
  • GUNN Oscillator Microwave Bench
  • Klystron Oscillator Microwave Bench
  • Klystron Based X Band Microstrip Antenna Trainer Kit
  • Microwave Power Meter
  • Microstrip Components; C –Band
  • Fiber Optic Trainer Kit.
  • Optical Power Source and Meter
  • Visifault Locator Tool
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