Hexapetalled Ferrocement Roof Structure

                                The Department of Civil Engineering has number of models constructed for the benefit of students to gain knowledge in various types of construction methods and available construction materials.The hexa pettaled ferrocement roof structure  is one such model constructed in front of department of Civil Engineering to import knowledge  to the students about ferrocement technology .The innovative  structure comprising of  six pettaled flower like roof and bent columns makes it elegant  was constructed as  a part of M.E (Structural Engineering) thesis by Ms.G.Manjula under guidance of Dr.D.Shoba Rajkumar,  Associate Professor/Civil  in the year 2015.The  advantages of ferrocement  construction techniques are that  the structure is crack resistant due to the presence of steel mesh and possess water tightness as it is constructed of  rich cement mortor.Also this type of construction requires less quantity of materials which directly reduces the cost of construction.The Hexa-Pettaled construction is found globally in the "WRD hand book of Ferrocement Technology" ,published by water resources department,Government of Maharashtra,India.


Link: www.ferocementsociety.com

"WRD hand book of Ferrocement Technology" ,page no: 35


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