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Alumni Meet

    The Alumni Day Celebration was held on 12th August 2018, the second Sunday of August in the eve of completion of 25th year of college by the -1989-1993 batch of our college.The main aim of Alumni day Celebration is to unite the maximum number of ex-students and register them in the Alumni family.The Program was held in the presence of Chief Guest Dr.G. Vimala Rosaline, Guest of Honour, Vice Principal, Dr.R. Vijayan and the Alumni Faculty In-Charge Dr. S. Sivalakshmi. Mrs. G.Latha, Alumni of GCE Salem welcomed the gathering with her inspiring words.
     All the Faculty members who mentored the Silver Jubilee batch were honoured by the Alumni. The Faculty Members were invited to share their individual experiences and their candid moments to their students.
     All the delegates were honoured with a memento. Our Principal explained about the role and value of Alumni towards the development of the college and its students. She told how the Alumni are the pillars of inspiration to students towards the development of their career and making them more employable. 
     Our former Principal, Dr. K. Nallathambi, addressed the gathering and shared his experience in college and also told about the importance Tamil language as a way of life.
     The Alumni of 1971 (First Batch) and 1973 batch were felicitated by our Principal, Alumni and other dignitaries on that day.
    The Alumni of 1973 batch of GCE, Salem have taken effort to manage the fund in the form of scholarship for students who need financial support to further carry out their studies. They have given a cheque of Rs. 405,000 (Rupees Four Lakh and Five Thousand). This amount may be termed as “GCE, Salem 1973 Batch Endowment Fund”. This fund was deposited as a fixed deposit in the bank. The interest acquired every year from this fund is to be utilised to be awarded as scholarship on Alumni Day annually. This year the amount of Rs. 36,000 was utilised and awarded as scholarship to six
students from all departments, they are:
  • A. Milton Wilfret (Mechanical 3rd year)
  • S. Siva (Civil 2nd year)
  • A. Mugilan (EEE 3rd year)
  • M. Shalini (ECE 2nd year)
  • B. P. Arun Sengottu Velavar (Metallurgy 4th year)
  • S. Kalaivani (CSE 2nd year)
     The Alumni Association of GCE, Salem, alumni meeting was held on 11.08.18 at 3.30p.m. and the General Body meeting was held on 12.08.18. The Interim Executive Committee President and other Committee members were appointed in the meeting. During the meeting, the following points were discussed:
  • Registration of Alumni association as a Society.
  • The Society shall be registered within 3 months from the date of the meeting.
  • The decision of the transfer of funds from existing trust, etc. shall be decided by the Executive Committee of the Society.
  • Until the new Executive Committee takes office, Mr. Thangamanimaran shall officiate as President (Interim).
  • The interim President and Patron (Principal) shall operate on the account of the association in the interim period.
  • Mr. Kamarajan, Mr. Shivakumar shall redraft the byelaws for the Society within 90 days.
  • Interim Executive Committee
President: Mr. Thangamanimaran
Secretary: Mr. A. V. Shekar
Treasurer: Mr. Shivakumar
Members: Mr. Prabhu Pandian (1994), Mr. Jayakumar (2005), Dr. S. Sivalakshmi (1999), Dr. R. Vijayan, Dr. A. Baraniraj, 
Dr. K. Elangovan, Dr. Murali, Mr. C. Sasidharan.
   The Cultural Committee of the college works with the objective of developing the academic and cultural talents of the students, improving their capabilities to work as a team and raising their level of self-confidence in interacting with fellow students.
    The cultural started with the Drama by Tamil Literary Association to appreciate Tamil history and culture well through this club.Followed by Dance performance by GCE Dance Crew, the true expression of the people is in their dance and in their music.English Literary Association being a platform for knowledge-hungry,role played on Time Travel. It develops excellent communication skills and teaches students to think spontaneously.Finally, Music Club peered to bond over music,by assimilating the vast and diverse tastes present in such a culturally charged setting. Everybody enjoyed the Cultural function and highly appreciated the organizers.
   The Alumni of our college have committed to bring up better training and placements to the students to start with their career. This is achieved by conducting various experience sharing lectures and interacting with the students for their opinion and recommendations.
   Overall, the Silver Jubilee Alumni batch have done a wonderful job in organising the function and making it a very memorable, emotion filled and joyful day for all.
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