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Computer Science and Engineering

Picture Name Current Designation Contact Phone Number E-mail
Dr.A.M.Kalpana Head of the Department 9944826102 kalpana.gce@gmail.com
Mrs.P.Tharani Assistant Professor 8870215728 tharanip46@gmail.com
Mrs.K.Manimala Assistant Professor 9442529413 manimalaaks@gmail.com
Mrs.P.Nithya Assistant Professor 9786377757 pnithyame@gmail.com
Dr.R.Golda Brunet Assistant Professor 9486049271 goldabrunet@gcessalem.edu.in
Mrs.K.Saraswathi Assistant Professor 9952779799 ksaras2k@yahoo.com
Dr.C.Rani Assistant Professor 9789050969 rani23508@gmail.com
Mrs.S.Ruba Assistant Professor 9629930204 ruba3112@gmail.com
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