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Placement Officers Desk

Placement and Training Officer
It’s with great pleasure that I introduce to you, the world of GCE and its dynamic engineers who are on the verge of graduation. Located in pastoral settings away from the maddening crowds, the sprawling campus of 465 acres is the largest in Tamilnadu. I’m proud to assert that my students are among the best in the state, since our institution is one among the first seven institutions to be filled in the counselling sessions for engineering admissions. These meritorious students are nourished with the best possible engineering education that can be given to them till they leave the institution.
Ever since its inception in 1966-1967 as a government college to its present day autonomous status, the institution has not only sharpened the technical skills of the students, but also inculcated moral, social and ethical values in its students, to produce complete engineers.
A perusal of the department profiles will reveal that the curriculum lays emphasis on the needs of the industry. Personality development in the totality is the watchword of the college, with much stress being made on co-curricular and extra-curricular activities as on academics.
The motto of the college is “Dedicated to service, Truth and Work” and the students are moulded on these lines, to meet the requirements of our society and the engineering arena. There is no doubt in my mind, that in the present day competitive world, a GCE engineer qualifies for the stringent standards laid down by the industry, which sets its eyes on nothing but the best. I feel confident that a campus recruitment programme would be mutually beneficial to both the institution and the organization.
On behalf of the institution, I dedicate these vibrant engineers to the industrial sector. I extend my cordial invitation to you to organize your campus interview and to choose the very best from the best.
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