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Why GCE-S?

The sole reason for you to choose this reputed institution among many others is the total quality of the trainees emerging out as a perfect engineer is fulfilled, with excellence in various dissections as elucidated in the trailing words.

  • Infotainment Life!

Who would refuse to have Information + Entertainment combined? There is no intention for the students to attain boredom with all the fun filled bustling within the world of e-learning for the reason that there are numerous e-workshops and e-conferences that deal with surveillance on the emerging trends dealing with technological expertise. All the workshops concentrate on updating the undergraduate trainees with hands-on tutoring in backend processing on tablets.

  • Corporate Ambience

With all the trainings, one of them initiated by the Government in collaboration with ICTACT, to deliver the trainees the exposure on all the various skills set that are entailed in all the corporates, the trainees befit  themselves to a corporate atmosphere setting with the aid of our financially supportive institution.

  • Haven for success!

The students in Government College of Engineering, Salem are garnished with the qualities to be eminent by accomplishing the triumph of emerging as a center of being exceptionally outstanding in the rapidly growing technological world.


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