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The prime objective of this project is to acknowledge and give belief to the public: one who appeals to book a complaint in the police station by providing him an instant response through the web based complaint feedback system. It also makes an attempt to find and deal with the similarly booked complaints and to avoid it.


The Police Station Feedback System project is a web-based complaint feedback system for the Salem City Police based on the input given by City Police Commissioner Thiru.K.Shankar. Salem is the only city in Tamilnadu which has implemented this project for the first time. The petitioner visits to the local police station and give the complaints about their issues. It holds the personal details of the petitioner such as name, age, address, contact number with an alternate, aadhar identity, and also the content of the complaint. These are given as an input to the application by the police officer who serves in the local police station when approached by the public to file a complaint.

The information of the petitioner will be stored in the server system automatically which can be referred by the personnel in the commissioner office. Having noticed the complaint, the personnel would later ring up the complainant to enquire about how he was treated by the receptionist when he approached nearby local station. If the officer cannot able to reach the petitioner through his/her mobile number then the information will be reached through the alternate number of the petitioner.

These complaints are further processed to take actions and the complainant will be given a belief that his works are being done by notifying the status of the complaint. This creates a healthy bond between the public and the police personnel.

This procedure makes sure that the no complaints are left unseen and actions will be taken based on the registration. This helps public to step in the station even for a small issue to be handled without any hesitation.

When done, this project is implemented in 18 police stations of the Salem city and 5000 complaints have been accommodated out of which 4000 complaints are handled and completed within four months.

The time span taken to complete this project is three months. The front end of this project are  HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap and the back end  Php and MySql database.

Developed By :

This project was developed by Selvan.G.Jayaraman and Selvan.T.Karthi currently pursuing IIIrd Year in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering,Government College of Engineering,Salem with the support of Cyber Crime Cell Co-ordinators Dr.A.M.Kalpana HOD/CSE,Tmt.P.Tharani,AP/CSE and Tmt.P.Nithya ,AP/CSE.