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Rules & Regulation

  • The hostel with a capacity of 569 seats for boys and 279 for girls is administered by the principle, the ex-officio warden with the assistance of associate warden, hostel superintendents, deputy wardens and resident tutors.
  • The warden is vested with powers to regulate admission and to enforce and interpret rules.
  • Every student, when he is admitted into the hostel, must give an undertaking in writing that he will abide by the rules of the hostel and he may be subjected to any disciplinary action imposed on him    by the authorities.
  • The deputy warden of a block will act as loco parents to all students residing in that block.
  • After admission, no student shall leave the hostel without a written application from his parents or guardian.
  • At the end of each year, membership is terminated an the rooms with furniture, fittings, etc., shall be handed over infact by the members.
  • Admission and allotment of rooms in the following year will start   only one or two days prior to the re-opening day of the college.
  • Residing in the hostel for any period does not confer any right of membership for the next period. The warden may admission to any student without assigning any reason.
  • Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited. Those found indulging in ragging will be dismissed from the hostel and if necessary from the college.
  • Students are not permitted to keep and use powered vehicles such as motor cycles, scooters, etc., inside the campus. Any students found in possession of such vehicles shall be expelled from the hostel.      

Any student who is found indulging in undesirable activities such   as physical assault, damage to property etc., will be liable to the   following punishment(s).

  • He/she will be expelled from the hostel and mess and his/her parents will be informed of the same.
  • A record of his/her misconduct will be made in the personal life.
  • The cost of damage will be fully recovered from his/her together with penalty.
  • He/she will also be find commensurate with the offence committed.
  • The privilege of appearing for campus interviews, will be denied, when he/she reaches the final year
  • No recommendations will be given be given to him/her will  studies aboard.
  • Any students found hosting/harbouring an offender will also be liable for punishments mentioned in (1.11).
  • A students are permitted to keep and use only radio receiver without disturbance to other inmate and with the written permission of the deputy warden without causing any damage to the electrical wiring system. However they are strictly prohibited from possession and use of other musical systems like stereo and amplifier systems.Violation is punished with fine or expulsion from the hostel.
  • Residents shall not patronize pedlars, hawkers, dhobhies not authorized.
  • Allotment of rooms shall be made by the deputy warden under orders of the warden.
  • Allotment shall be made only after the payment of room rent and electricity charges for the whole year.
  • Members may occupy only the rooms allotted to them and shall not change the rooms among themselves.
  • Members may be shifted from one room to another by the deputy wardens without assigning any reason.
  • Members are responsible for the care of furniture and fittings in their respective rooms. In case of damages or loss, the cost of furniture and fittings will be recovered from them.
  • Members shall not use any extra electrical fittings, unless permitted, on payments of charges.
  • Members can entertain a guest only if permitted by the deputy wardens.
  • Lady guests are not permitted to remain in the boys hostel between 7.00 p.m. and 6.00 a.m.
  • A hast members will be required to pay service charges as may be fixed from time to time.
  • The hostel management does not accept any liability for the property left in the rooms the students are advised not to bring any valuables to the hostels.
  • Students are not allowed to stay in the hostel rooms without being a member of any of the messes.
  • Students are expected to keep their rooms & surroundings clean & tidy.
Additional Rules for Girs Hostel
The following rules and regulations are supplementary to the general rules and regulations for hostel already in existence.
The aim of running the girls hostel is to provide a home away from home for the girls who are away from their parents. The rules are framed for the common good and smooth functioning of the hostel, harmonious fellowship among the immates and al the residents are expected to abide by the rules. The senior students are expected to set a god example to the juniors so that self-respect, self confidence and spirit of  accommodation shall be instilled in the minds of all the residents.
  • Residents should be present in the hostel between 6.30 p.m. and 6.30 a.m. if students want to go out to town, they should write names in the register intended for the purpose giving time of. Leaving and expected time of return. If the outgoing time is ore that 4 hours, they should get prior permission of the deputy warden/resident tutor in writing. Violation of those rules will result in summary expulstion from the hostel.
  • Roll can will be taken between 6.00 p.m. and 8.00 p.m. students are expected to be in their rooms only.
  • Absence from the hostel on reopening day after a spell of holidays   after week-ends shall be intimated in advance by the parent/guardian with whom she goes to say.
  • No resident is permitted to stay outside the hostels during the night without the written permission of her parents and the written permission of the deputy warden.
  • Students will be allowed to go home only if there is written request for the same from the same parent/guardian on valid grounds only.Going home too frequently is not permitted.
  • All cases of in disposition should be reported to the deputy warden immediately. College medical officer can be called when necessary. The students are advised to contact college medical officer first before containing medical specialist or clinics outside. Leave on medical grounds will be recommended by the college medical officer.
  • Modesty in dress shall be observed.