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Boarding Rules

The following fees are payable by a member at the time of admission into hostel

1 Admission Fee Rs.200.00
2 Caution Deposit   Rs.3000.00 (which is refundable at the time of leaving the hostel)
3 Block Deposit   Rs.1500.00 (which is refundable at the time of leaving the hostel)





Electrical Appliances

1 Computer Rs.500.00 per year
2 Fan Rs.200.00 per year
3 Iron Box Rs.200.00 per year





  • An establishment charge of Rs.2750/- will be collected every year.This amount is subject to change depending upon the expenses of the hostel.
  • Amenities,Maintenance and other charges Rs.3220.00 will be collected every year.
  • Double the electrical charge will be collected from the students using appliances without proper permission
  • The mess charges are based on the dividing system
  • The monthly accounting periods from 21st a month to 20th of the next month.The monthly bills will normally, be published on the 30th of every month.
  • Mess charges will be due from the date of issue of the mess bill.
  • Members bringing guests should purchase tokens on payment of cash and produce them in the mess hall before the food being served.
  • A member of the mess is normally permitted to get tokens worth Rs.100.00 per month on credit to get extra items.
  • Mess reduction will not be provided during college working days.However mess duration will be provided extraordinary on grounds.
  • Transfer of meals or any part there of is not permitted on any account.
  • Students except the mess representative are not permitted to enter the kitchen or store room of the mess an any account.
  • Students are not permitted to cook any food on their own occord in the messes or in their rooms.
  • Students on no account whatsoever will be permitted to take the food in the mess.
  • All the students must have a plate and tumber taing their food in the mess.
  • Dining more than one person in a single plate is not permitted.

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