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Timing for MESS

Mess bill period is 21st to 20th of subsequent month. Mess bill will be informed before 1st of every month. Payment of mess bill is as follows.
1st to 20th without fine
From 21st to month end…………………Rs.50-00 fine
From 1st to 10th of next month…………..Rs.100-00 fine
From 11th to 20th of next month…………Rs.150-00 fine
On 21st, the students will be expelled from the hostel.
From rejoining, the students has to pay mess bill+Rs.150.00 as fine+Rs.200 as readmission fee. Readmission is permitted only 3 times during            the course of their study.
Persistent or frequent may be required to bring their parents/guardians for a personal assurance regarding regular payment.
The following will be meal times:
  Working Days Holidays
  From To From To
Breakfast 7.00 am 8.30 am 7.30 am 930 am
Lunch 12.00 noon 2.00 pm 12.00 noon 2.00 pm
Dinner 7.00 pm 8.30 pm  7.00 pm 9.00 pm





Meals should be taken only in the dining halls, meals should not be taken to the rooms.
In the case of sick persons, the diet will be allowed to be taken to the rooms, however all such cases of rooms service should be authorized by the hostel superintendent.