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Principal Message


"It is with great pleasure that I present this message as the Principal of the prestigious institution, GCE - Salem. I express my sincere gratitude to all the faculty members, students, and staff of GCE Salem for their continuous efforts in maintaining the distinguished status of this institution of state importance, year after year. The role of a campus in ensuring quality learning is of great significance, and GCE Salem, which already boasts a world-class campus, will enhance it further by infusing the spirit of inclusivity. This will be achieved by celebrating the pluralism of cultures, nationalities, and personalities in a global world. We envision our campus to reflect the ethos of innovation, entrepreneurship, and dynamic spirit. Every GCEian should foster an endless, restless quest to find solutions to real-world problems, thereby contributing to the society we live in and helping our nation truly become "atma-nirbhar" (self-reliant). I envision the positive influence of GCE Salem to be perceptibly felt far beyond the walls of our campus. Every corner of our country should tangibly feel the difference that we intend to make in society with our leading innovations combined with our determined efforts to make the world a better place to live in.

The industry should take notice of the impact we make, and we should strive to ensure that our students continue to become integral parts of global corporations and governments alike. The change should come from within the system by being a part of it and not exclusive to the system itself. It is also crucial to bear in mind that consistency is key to maintaining excellence. While it is indeed a time to rejoice that we are #1 in the state ranking, it is not a time to relax.

A parallel area of focus should also be the micro-issues that affect the immediate society around us. These issues could be at a local level or even at a community level. We must invest time in working on these problems and come up with feasible solutions. Giving back to the society we operate in is a crucial guiding principle that we must always bear in mind. I reaffirm the commitment I have made to ensure an enhanced focus on local issues of relevance.

In conclusion, I once again welcome you to this esteemed center of learning where the world amalgamates. Let us all continue to hold high the torch of GCE Salem as we look into the future."


Dr.R.Vijayan M.E.,Ph.D


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