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Laboratory Facilities

DC Machines Laboratory

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The main objective of the DC machines lab is to expose the students to various types of Electrical machines and impart knowledge on construction, principle of operation and performance characteristics of the Electrical machine. UG students from Electrical and Electronics Engineering department are given practical exposure to Electrical machines lab from second year of their course. Various experiments such as OCC test, load test, short circuit test, speed control, regulation tests are conducted on DC generators, DC motors and transformers to gain knowledge on performance characteristics, internal and external characteristics, efficiency, and different types of losses, regulation and equivalent circuit parameters of the electrical machines. Moreover, students from Civil, Computer science, Mechanical, Electronics and Communication Engineering departments in the first year of their course make use of the facility to gain the practical knowledge on basics of electrical engineering.

Major Equipments:

   DC series motors

   DC shunt motors

   DC series generators

   DC shunt generators

   DC compound generators


AC Machines Laboratory

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The AC Electrical Machines Laboratory is well equipped with various Electrical Machines namely Three Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motors,  DC machine coupled Three Phase Alternators, Three phase Synchronous Motors, Slip Ring Induction Motors, Single Phase Induction Motors, and AC Commutator Motor. It has single-phase and three phase auto transformers, suitable starters and loading arrangements for machines, measuring instruments of all types needed for the laboratory experiments.

The Electrical Machines Laboratory is utilized by all branches of students for lab work and Electrical students for their project work and for doing research. This lab provides good infrastructure for the students to acquire practical knowledge on the electrical machines.

Major Equipments:

   Three phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor

   Three phase Synchronous Motor

   DC machine coupled three phase Alternator

   Single phase Induction Motor

   Three phase Slip-ring Induction Motor

   Single-phase and Three-phase Transformer

Electronic Devices and Circuits Laboratory

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This lab is utilized for conducting various experiments in academic programme such as Electric circuits lab for first year, Electronic circuits and Devices lab for second years and measurement and Instrumentation lab for third year students. This lab provides good exposure for the students to acquire practical knowledge on the various electronic devices such as diodes, transistor, UJT, FET and MOSFET.

Major Equipments:

   Regulated Power Supply

   Digital Storage Oscilloscope

   Cathode Ray Oscilloscope

   Signal Generator

   Digital I.C. Trainer Kit

   Analog I.C. Trainer Kit

   Decade Boxes (Resistance, Inductance and Capacitance)

Power Electronics Laboratory

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Power Electronics Laboratory aims at imparting practical knowledge in Power Electronics to the students at various levels i.e., Under Graduate and Post Graduate. It is well equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and training kits to teach experiments from basic to high level concepts to the students. The lab also facilitates to learn the characteristics of different types of power electronic devices and to understand and analyze the operation of controlled rectifiers, choppers, inverters, resonant converter and AC voltage controller.

The Laboratory also acts as the platform for the Bachelor degree students to perform various projects works such as Minor Projects, Multi-Disciplinary Design, and Major Projects. In addition to that, the Post Graduate Students and Research Scholars also utilize this Laboratory to carry out their research works.

Major Equipments:

   Full and Half Wave Rectifier Modules

   Single phase SCR based Fully Controlled Converters

   Resonant DC-DC Converter Modules

   Single/Three phase PWM Inverter Modules

   SCR, TRIAC, MOSFET, IGBT Characteristics Modules

   IGBT based Chopper Modules

   Voltage and current Commutation Chopper

   Series and Parallel Inverter

   Three phase SCR Half and Fully Controlled Converter

   Speed Controlled DC Shunt Motor using Fully Controlled Converter

Computer Laboratory

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This computer laboratory is used to conduct practical sessions for Laboratory courses, Theory and Practical courses on ‘C’ programming laboratory, Object oriented Programming Laboratory, Power System Simulation Laboratory, Power system and Power electronics related circuit simulation studies using simulation software like PSIM, PSCAD and MATLAB for UG and PG Students.

Major Equipments:

   Personal Desktop Computer INTEL Pentium-4, 3GHz
   Personal Desktop Computer INTEL Pentium Core-i5, 3GHz
   Personal Desktop Computer INTEL Pentium Core-i7, 3GHz
   Laser Printer
   10KVA UPS and 3KVA UPS
   PSIM Simulation Software for Power Electronics & Drives
   ‘C’ Compiler
   Open Office

Advanced Electrical Drives Laboratory

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Having equipped with Special Electric Machines such as Permanent Magnet Synchronous machine, Brushless DC Machine, Switched Reluctance Machine, Induction Machine and DC Machine this laboratory caters for the need of students pursuing Masters in Power Electronics and Drives and Under graduation in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Various Power Modules such as 3 phase Intelligent Power Modules, Power Modules exclusive for Switched Reluctance Machine are available enabling the students to configure a Drive System. In order to complete the Drive system by incorporating the control system, advanced Digital Signal Processing Trainers such as Texas 2812, dsPIC 4011 and Cortex M controller available in the laboratory shall be used.

The Machines installed in the laboratory are equipped with in-built encoders for speed measurement. Further Eddy current Braking systems are integrated with few machines, this makes the students to configure the Drive system to control the speed dynamically. In addition to the hardware modules, this laboratory has PSIM software package, which makes the students to simulate the drive system with the appropriate control methods ensuring the successful working of the designed system.

Major Equipments:

   Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with Eddy Current Load
   Switched Reluctance Motor with Spring Balance Load
   Shunt Motor with Eddy Current Load
   3Phase IGBT Power Module
   High Precision Current Shunt Meter
   IPM Power Module
   DSP Trainer
   Three Phase IGBT Based Power Module
   SRM Power Module
   3Phase AC Machine with Spring Balance Load
   3Phase AC Machine with Eddy Current Load
   Direct Torque Implementation
   Sensor-less Control Implementation
   Vector Control Implementation
   PSIM Software
   Three Phase IGBT Based Power Module

Power Systems Laboratory

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The Power Systems Laboratory is well equipped with a full pledged trainer for ‘SCADA based Electrical Power Transmission Line Simulator’ with two artificial transmission line modules for detailed study of (i). Power generation, (ii). Transmission line, (iii). VAR compensation, (iv). Measurement and Protection, (v). Receiving station, and (vi). Electrical loading. The power generation setup consists of a 2 HP motor coupled with a 3-phase, 1 kW alternator. Two conditions of operations are provided for easy understanding purpose such as Asynchronous condition and Synchronous Condition. All the switching circuits are connected to SCADA via PLC, so that switchover will be automatic under various fault conditions. The experiments like Ferranti effect, ABCD parameters measurement, Surge impedance loading, etc., can be carried out on the simulator.

The Power Systems Laboratory is utilized by UG-Electrical and Electronics Engineering students for regular laboratory work, project work and for doing research. This lab provides good infrastructure for the students to acquire practical knowledge in the field of power systems.

Research laboratories

The following equipments are available in our research laboratories such as solar array simulator, precision current shunt, dSPACE simulation tool, pv tester, thermal imager and three phase power quality analyzers.

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