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The Rotaract club of GCE is an extension of Rotaract club of Salem West zone. The Rotaract is the child of the international Rotarian organisation. This Rotaract club in college has an excellent student’s involvement. The students of first year, second and third year are involved in these activities. Among them, nominations for president, secretary, office bearers are held. This club activity is organized under the guidance of Mrs. Vimala Rousaline The chair man of this club is our principal.
The motto, "Service to people" is best exemplified through this students chapter. Students are trained to gain engineering knowledge, to inculcate a helping tendency and to involve themselves in service minded activities. There are about 300 Rotaract members actively participating in the club’s activities.
The project leader organises weakly projects like visiting and helping the Salem zone orphanages and old age homes. 
The students arrange guidance classes for higher secondary and state board students of the very poor rural schools.
They also provide some essentials in some homes for infants or small kids.
For raising funds for these activities, many cultural programs are held. Activities for students like personality development classes, placement training, and career guidance classes are being conducted in the college in weekends.
Apart from giving AWARDS as encouragement, every year inaugral function is being conducted to keep it lively and enthusiastic.
Best Rotaract member based on the performance is awarded every year
Every Year it arranges for bookfair exclusively for engineering students in college, helping students to get books at reasonable discounts.
It is the active blood donar, i.e. students are always ready to provide blood at any time and all times when there is a need and demand.
Thus rotract club inculcates the servicing spirit and brings out the students with humanity and wisdom in their practical lives.