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Department of Mechanical Engineeering - Vision & Mission

   A serene and tranquil ‘MECH’ atmosphere helps the dynamic professionals to kindle their innovative minds. The enduring efforts of faculties have enhanced the students with omnipotent skills, with considerable research work being done in the department.

  The department of mechanical engineering is committed to blossom into a center of excellence, dedicated and competent engineers by providing global quality interactive technical education to cater the needs of the industries and nation into a technologically, socially and culturally advanced one.
  • Constantly updating the departmental resources, faculty and other infrastructure by acquiring the state of the art equipments and by imparting constant in-service training to the faculty and supporting staff.
  • Promoting skilled and employable graduates to meet the challenges in emerging fields of engineering.
  • To prepare the students for prosperous career in entrepreneurship with leader ship qualities, ethics and human values.
  • The department executes life-long learning skills and provides engineering services for sustainable development of the society.