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Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering - Research

Research Center Approval:
  • The department has renewed its approval and it continuous to a recognized research center to do research leading to Ph.D. under Anna University  Chennai.
  • The department has been recognized as a research center in 2009 to do research leading to Ph.D. under Anna University of Technology Coimbatore.
Research laboratories:
  • In our department the following equipment in our research laboratories such as solar panel, power quality analyzers and simulation tools are available.


Research Details:

Name Area of Research/Specialization No of Journals Published No of Research Scholars Completed Phd No of Research Scholars Pursuing Phd
Dr.V.Geetha Electrical Engineering Power Systems & Power Electronics, Renewable Energy 13   5
Dr.S.Senthilkumar Power Systems & Power Electronics 68 17 3
Dr.A.Ruby Meena Applied Electronics 8    
Dr.P.Karpagavalli Power Electronics and Drives 9   1
Dr.J.S.Christy Mano Raj Power Electronics and Drives 5   2
Dr.D.Murali Power systems 32   3
Dr.C.Govindaraju Power Electronics and Drives 35 2 10
Mr.D.Ashokaraja Power Quality,High Voltage Engg 6    
Dr.K.Logavani Power systems 5    
Mrs.R.Sharmil Suganya Biotechnology 1    
Dr.T.R.Sumithira Power systems 19   5
Dr.S.Ganesan Power systems 61 3 4