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Department of Metallurgical Engineering - Facilities

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Department of Metallurgical Engineering has a well structured laboratory setup which brings in the practical experience for the students linking their theoritical knowledge with the experiments they perform. The department has the following laboratories and the equipments which favour the UG and PG students providing an industrial atmosphere within the college campus.

Mineral Dressing Laboratory: Jaw crusher, Roll Crusher, Ball Mill, Mineral Jig, Floatation Cell, Centrifugal Classifier, Sample Splitter, Bench Grinder.

Heat Treatment Laboratory:  Muffle Furnace, High Temperature furnace, Salt Bath Furnace, Microprocessor Controlled high Temperature Furnace, Silicon Carbide Furnace, Optical Pyrometer, Surface Tepmerature Indicator, Jominy End Quench Tester.

Metal Forming Laboratory:  25 ton Hydraulic Press, Rolling Mill, Wire Drawing machine, Forging Hammer, Pillar Drilling Machine, Doubler Sintering Furnace, Muffel Frunace for Annealing, Bench Grinding Machine, Power Hacksaw, Hall Flowmeter, Charpy V-notch Broaching Machine.

Metallurgical Analysis Laboratory: Carbon and Sulphur Determination, Flash point Apparatus, ORSAT apparatus, Auto Clave, Centrifuge, Electric Oven, Vacuum Drying Oven, Ultrasonic Cleaner, Digital Pit Meter, Digital Conductive Meter.

Foundry Laboratory:  Universal Sand Testing Machine Sand muller, sand Rammer, Rapid Moisture Teller, Universal Strength Machine (Hydraulic Type), Shatter Index Test, Permeability Meter, Mouldability Tester, Flowability Tester, Compression strength Machine, Impact penetration Tester, Hand Moulding Machine, Sieve Shaker, Mould Hardness Tester, Core Tester, Core Hardness Tester, Clay Washer, Oil-fired furnace, Moisture Balance(IR)

Welding Laboratory: 782 cc/cv DC Welding Universal Power Source, MIG/ MAG Welding Machine, Inverter type TIG & MAG Welding Machine, Inverter Type MIG/MAG Welding Machine, Arc Welding Transformer, Gas Welding unit, Fontally Kit, Electrode Baking Oven, Automatic Gas Cutting Unit, Air Compressor Device.

Metallography Laboratory: Optical Microscopes, Ferritic Microscope, Belt Grinder, Disc Polisher, Profile Projector, Image Analyser.

Materials Testing Laboratory: Universal Testing Machine, Compression Testing Machine, Charpy impact Testing Machine, Rockwell Hardness Tester, Vickers hardness Tester, Knoop Hardness Tester.

Electro chemical and Corrosion Laboratory:  Salt Spray chamber, Weight Loss method Corrosion Testing Machine.

Newly Launched Machines: Ultrasonic Welding Machine, Automatic Torch Tracvel Facilty for GMAW, Surface Grinding Machine, Lathe Machine