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Standards Club

The Standards Club’s idea is initiated by Bureau of Indian Standards, which will carry out a variety of programmes involving students, providing them opportunities for creativity, quality and standardization. BIS intends to support such activity by providing learning opportunities to young talents in the field of quality and standardization through mutually beneficial collaboration in the form of Standards Clubs in Educational Institutions. Standards Clubs in Educational Institutions are to help improving the learning experience of students and provide opportunities to better their professional and personal growth.

Standards Club GCE Salem


Dr. A. P. Sathiyagnanam
Associate Professor / Mechanical Engineering


Dr. P. Anitha
Assistant Professor / Chemistry

Leaders 1. PriyaDarsini R - II Year/ Mechanical
2. Akash S - II Year/ CSE
3. Mohanraj R - II Year/ ECE
4. Vaishnavi A C - II Year/ Civil
Members 1. PalaniBharathi M - I Year Mech
2. Barath S J - I Year Mech
3. PoojaGayathri G M - I Year Mech
4. MeghaHarthana S- I Year CSE
5. Akash S - I Year CSE
6. Vedha R - I Year Metallurgy
7. Mohanraj R - I Year ECE
8. Shree Shanth S D - I Year ECE
9. Aishwarya B - I Year ECE
10. Deepak Raj K - I Year EEE
11. Kaviyasri.K- I Year EEE
12. Nivetha. E - I Year Civil
Total Students Enrolled Girls - 45
Boys - 54
Total Students Enrolled - 099