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Key Activities

Improvement in Teaching, Learning and Research Competence of Affiliated Institutions
  • Mentoring of affiliated institutions & promoting applications to UGC/ NBA (mandatory accreditation of 50% courses of affiliated institutions)
  • Increasing faculty productivity & motivation of affiliated colleges
  • Compulsory induction module (3 to 5 weeks)
  • Twinning arrangements with ATUs under Sub-component 1.3 to build Capacity and improved performance
  • Preparation of MOOCs, facilitating access of institutions to MOOCs
  • Filling up of faculty vacancies in unaided affiliated institutions
  • Developing credit-based systems
  • Promotion of innovation/ start up
  • Mandatory internship
  • Student learning assessment
  • Industry readiness
  • Improve student learning, Student employability
  • Hub & Spoke model
  • Payment to 4th year  B.Tech Students for gate registration.
  •  Payment to 3rd & 4th year B.Tech Students for MOOCS courses.