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Improve Student Learning

Improve Student Learning
Faculty training
  • Qualification upgradation
  • Subject upgradation and research competence
  • Continuing education programs
  • Participation in seminars, conferences and workshop etc.
  • Pedagogical training
  • Management capacity development programs
Staff training
  • Qualification upgradation
  • Subject upgradation
  • Training in respective functional areas
Enhancement of research and development & innovation
  • Diagnosing student weaknesses and continuous tracking of performance
  • Improving performance in academic subjects
  • Peer learning groups
  • Appointing faculty advisers for students
  • Timing of remedial courses and repeat exams and bridge courses
Academic reforms
  • Curricular reforms
  • NBA accreditation
  • Improved student performance evaluation
  • Performance appraisal of faculty by students
  • Faculty incentive for continuing education, consultancy and R&D
Nonacademic reforms
  • Exercise of autonomies – academic administrative manage financial
  • Establishment of sustainability fund (corpus fund, faculty development fund, equipment replacement fund and maintenance fund)
  • Generation, retention and utilization of revenue generated through variety of activities
  • Filling up existing teaching and staff vacancies
  • Delegation of decision making powers to senior institutional functionaries with accountability