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Fine Arts

Provide opportunities and encouragement for the development of histrionic talent and cultural activities of the students.
Fine Arts:

Fine Arts Club was started in 1970’s. From the day if started it has been working to explore the hidden potential of each and every student. We train them every Tuesday evening and take them to inter college competitions and have won many prizes. GCE- Art Gallery is held in the month of February. Pupils display their artistic works, paintings & crafts.:


Music is the glorious and spiritual expression of inexplicable emotions of a heart.

We, the members of our college orchestra, feel richly blessed to display it through our orchestra.

With dynamic singers and skilled musicians from each year, we conduct our music confluence for alumni function and “GECOFEST” (College Annual Fest) every year.

We vividly do take part in various inter-college competitions held in different colleges and also perform occasionally in the functions of local organizations held in and around the city.

Now, we take great pleasure in establishing an exclusive club for music from this year, to encourage & enhance the musical activities in our college. Music club will be organized every week, with the motive of promoting the acts & cultural creativity among the students.

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